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Funny Playing Ferrets #1: Watch These Adorable Ferrets As They Play Together And With A Dog!

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Funny Playing Ferrets #1: Watch These Surprising Ferrets As They Play Together And With A Dog!

Ferrets are always eager to play. As you can see in this video, ferrets like to do some wrestling. They can grab each other and turn and turn around on the floor. When a ferret is dooking, going like dook dook dook, you know that they are having fun! The skin of the ferret is very thick. You might think that they are biting each other very hard but in fact, for them, it’s only play.

Ferrets are often not allowed in the bedroom. But when you let them go in it from time to time, you can see your ferret a have the best of fun! They like to chase each other under the sheets. They also like to go under carpets.

Ferrets are critters that love other animals. Since they like to play and explore most of the time, ferrets and dogs love to play with each other, and you will see that size does not matter! Big dogs can easily play with the small ferrets, as ferrets don’t find the size difference between the two a big problem. You will often find the small ferret trying to jump on the back of the dog. A cat can also be a good ferret friend.

Ferrets get tired fast. And they sleep a lot. A ferret sleep for 18 to 20 hours a day,

Ferrets make for a great pet. They are a cute little furry animal. They like to Play, climb up and down the stairs. They are just funny, silly, crazy and adorable.

The ferret is part of the weasel family.

Good night little ferret!

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