Sat. Feb 29th, 2020

Pet Hangout

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Why Adopt a Pet?

There are many reasons for people to get pets. Some get a companion so that they do not feel lonely. Some get a jogging partner or walking mate to help them lose weight. Some find themselves getting a pet for a sense of security. No matter why they choose to get a pet, people should be encouraged to begin their search at the local shelter. Adopting a pet is not only less expensive than buying from the pet stores, it can be a socially and emotionally rewarding way to find your next best friend.

Shelters all over the country are filled beyond capacity with a frightening number of pets being euthanized each day. While it is true that each purebred breed has its own fan club, there is an awful lot to be said for the pound puppies as well. Do not let a less than pedigreed pooch put you off, there is no certification for true love.

The best adoption shelters in the country will put each pet and potential pet owner through rigorous examinations before allowing you to bring your choice home, a fact that may put a shelter dog ahead of others in safety. Do you really know what the aggression factor is with that purebred? I bet they can tell you the answer to that question at the shelter. They not only check for health risks, but social skills as well. Pets that show any sign of fear, aggression or other potential problems will be labeled as un-adoptable and kept in the shelter. Others will find themselves looking for and hopefully finding their new forever home.

In the end, it if it does not matter where you find your best friend, why not start at the shelter? Find the nearest shelter and start your search there. Not finding the right breed or the right size dog? Leave your name and number with staff, along with a brief description of what you would like to find and they will probably come through fairly quickly. Don’t get hung up on designer dogs and expensive pet stores. Do not buy a puppy from a breeder that you are not familiar with, because who will you complain to if there is a problem? And never buy a pet from a suspected puppy mill or any company that might deal with the mills and unscrupulous breeders. Adopting a pet from a shelter will save its life, and hopefully, the shelter pet will steal your heart in the process!

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